Friday show

WATCH: Friday’s ATX Uncensored(ish)

The weekend is here. ACL is here. Let’s party.

Cultural Appropriator

Humans of ACL

For two weekends each year, thousands gather at the Austin City Limits festival to socialize, congregate, and possibly find a potential mate…

Platinum Ink

Crew Questions from Platinum Ink

QUESTION: What tattoo would Art Acevedo get? What about Michael Dell? Sponsored by Platinum Ink. Opinions expressed by guests on this progra…

sonata stories

Stories from the Sonata: Master Pancake

We love Master Pancake! Check them out October 23 & 24- They mock The Sound of Music with special guest: Mary Jo Pehl of Mystery Science The…


WATCH: Wednesday’s Show

Kath Barbadoro and Joe Barlow try to buy famous friends. We smoke bacon flavored vape. And Kittens! Kittens! Kittens! Almost everyone loves …

name that vape

Let’s play: Name that Vape!

Who knew there were so many vape flavors to pick from!? Thanks KBotanicals! Sponsored by KBotanicals. Opinions expressed by guests on this p…

good detective work

How to be a crappy detective

A guy in Round Rock lost his championship rings — but the cops were on the case. Eventually.


Boston guy vs. an owl

A Boston transplant makes friends with an owl and it’s adorable.    


Tubers are rowdy

So apparently some people in San Marcos who bought their homes blindfolded are mad at inner tubers on the river. Let’s learn more. I also li…

Want to watch atx Uncensored(ish), but don't know how-

Where do I watch ATX Uncensored-ish ??

Want to watch the new comedy show coming to The CW Austin, but don’t know how? (Because, face it, have you ever watched The CW before?) Well…


Crickets are gross

Guys, it’s the time of year where crickets descend on us like God is mad at us for having four Whole Foods. Ew, gross. Just cut it, cut it. …

Danny Palumbo

From the Spider House: Danny Palumbo

Danny Palumbo rocks. Follow him on twitter here. Sponsored by Spider House Cafe & Ballroom. Opinions expressed by guests on this program are…

"Karaoke Nightmare" Credit: @ryanfromaustin

Our theme song from Don Cento is dope

So we finally got around to getting a theme song. You can listen to it below. It’s pretty dope. All our thanks goes to Don Cento for writing…

band nerds

The best story ever

Ever get mad at a high school band? This story is for you.


Snacks are good

A new study just came out on workplace satisfaction. And guess what they found out to be the key to happiness for workers? This is according…

spider house2

Event Calendar: Spider House Austin

Happening this week at Spider House Austin… 9/22- Tuesday On the Patio- Under the Chandelier Featuring: Melissa Klein and Louis Ontko, 7pm, …