Begin Again : Movie Review

In Theaters 7.2.14

My Brief Synopsis:

The streets of New York are the backdrop of the film, Directed by John Carney, and the city noises are incorporated into the film soundtrack.

When Gretta’s (Keira Knightley) long term beau scores a major music deal with an NYC label, she up-roots herself and tags along as the supportive girlfriend.  When things don’t work out in a “Happily Ever After” scenario, a twist of fate occurs.  She meets Dave (Mark Ruffalo), a big time music producer that lost his passion for life, music and his family. Just when we think he might be down for the count, he stumbles upon Gretta singing in a bar and is captivated by what he hears. From this chance encounter, comes a captivating story and soul-stirring comedy.



I must admit, I was a little hesitant when I read that Keira Knightley would be performing in the movie, but I was pleasantly surprised with the unique sound that emerged. The Academy Award nominee shines and made the audience fall in love with her character.

Adam Levine doesn’t stray too far from his real-life persona of a ‘rock-star-playboy,’ however he did provide small bursts of hilarious-comic relief throughout the film. His on stage performance of the song “Lost Stars” from the movie soundtrack, will no doubt have ladies fall in love with the heart throb on and off screen.

Mark Ruffalo gives an outstanding performance as a ‘down on his luck’ music executive that rediscovers happiness through a series of chance encounters.  The SAG award nominee gives and inspiring performance that had the audience loving the character for all of his flaws and rooting for his success in his struggles.

The music is intertwined within the story and coincides with the emotional journey of each character, which will leave you wanting more.  Audiences will fall in love with Knightley and Ruffalo, the city of New York and the serendipitous encounters throughout the film. If you are looking for something refreshing and not the typical “Hollywood story” this is your movie.


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