And So It Goes : Movie Review

And So It Goes

A self-centered real estate agent (Oren : Michael Douglas)loses his wife to cancer and takes it out on those around him with sarcasm and emotional detachment.  When his absentee son (Kyle : Austin Lysy)reappears with an odd request, Oren is thrown from his comfort zone.

Kyle has to ‘check in to’ prison for a crime he committed when he was an addict.  Begrudgingly, and with no one else to turn to, he leaves his 10-year-old daughter with his father.  Oren has no clue what to do with the sweet, 9-year-old girl so he pawns her off on his neighbor (Leah : Diane Keaton) to watch and entertain while he selfishly looks for a way out of his new responsibilities.

As the movie progresses, we see the walls around Oren’s heart get chiseled away to where the audience can finally relate to him and root for his success.

The movie has romance, comedy and a sarcastic wit that viewers will love.  If you enjoyed “Rumor Has It” or ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ then this is a great movie for you!

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