Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Movie Review


Even though TMNT seems to be getting a lower score on IMDB, I thought the film was pretty fun!

Michelangelo was hilarious throughout the entire film! The Audience couldn’t stop laughing at the one-liners coming from his mouth. Raphael stayed true to his ‘bad boy’ persona, Leonardo steps up as the leader of the pack and Donatello is the goofy nerd! While there is some violence, kids really seemed to enjoy the action and as for adults, some subtle humor as well.

When the ‘real-life’ version of Scooby-doo came out in 2002, critics who grew up with the classic cartoon didn’t like it- just like critics that grew up with the TMNT in the 80’s probably won’t enjoy the souped-up look or 2.0 version of this movie.  Don’t let that deter you though! It’s action packed, the villain “Shredder” looks AMAZING and of course ‘Splinter’ kicks butt!

Take your friends, families, moms and dads to what is sure to be a great movie experience!

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