Take A Sneak Peak Of The New Alamo Drafthouse & Highball

Creative director, John Smith and the Highball Karaoke room designers, Zack Carlson and Laura Fleischauer tell us what people can expect from the opening August 16th at 1PM!

Fun Facts:

  • The original Highball’s classic bowling lanes have been re-purposed into a dance floor, a bar top, ceiling details and benches!
  • There are 22 craft beers on the tap wall, distinct from the South Lamar theater’s drink menu.

Karaoke Themed Rooms

  • Freaks
  • Midnight Manor
  • Truly Outrageous- girl power and total awesome-ness
  • The Fifth Dimension- designed after the original “Twilight Zone”
  • Joysticks- Super Mario decorated to his taste
  • The Black Lodge- Very Twin Peaks Black Lodge
  • The Inferno- Very Rock ‘n Roll meets Marilyn Manson

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