‘The Giver’ : Movie Review

When this book was on the required read list in middle school, I felt like it was a difficult concept to fully grasp. When I re-read the book again in High school, it became one of my favorites.

The film stays very close to the original tale, which audience members will enjoy and appreciate.  You see everything through Jonas’ perspective, including color. When The Giver begins the training, audiences begin to see color introduced to the film as Jonas sees it. As the film progresses, there is a seamless transition into vibrant colors that you have to remind yourself is happening.

If you enjoyed Pleasantville, then this futuristic Utopian society turned color-fantastic-love explosion on film will have you enthralled.

You will leave the film feeling more empowered in the human race- even though our world and humanity has poverty, death and war, without love we are just shadows without purpose.

I would strongly suggest seeing this film and let it be a reminder to you that without the pain and suffering, we wouldn’t appreciate the highs of life the way they were intended to feel.

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