The Possession : Movie Review


A spiritual thrill seeker sets out to disprove heaven and hell, God and the devil but finds is that once you open the door between the real world and the spiritual… it can’t be closed.

Michael King begins filming himself 24/7 documenting his journey to prove that religion, spirituality, and the paranormal do not exist. He visits demonologists, necromancers and various practitioners of the occult to have them perform the deepest and darkest of spells and rituals on him. They are all more than willing to help but along the way… something gets in… into his mind, body and soul to where he can no longer guarantee the safety of his own family from himself. Watch the Trailer

My Opinion:

See it during the day time if you get nightmares easily! It is very scary, dark and gets better the longer you watch. You will have the oh-my-gosh moment, mixed with goosebumps and a dash of look away now—but if you think you can stand the heat,  see King’s fate on DVD/VOD on 8/26!



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