Join Our Team For The Stiletto Stampede!

The CW is premiering a new show this October – THE FLASH – so in the racing spirit of the Stiletto Stampede 100-yard dash for breast cancer awareness, we wanted to have a team name that represented the CW Austin with a fun Stiletto Stampede twist!

The Stiletto Stampede will be September 13th, 10AM at the Triangle!

Click here to sign up for our team (The CW FLASHers) today!

 Enter the code: KXANCW is for $5 off

the flash

Registration is now open for the 2014 Stiletto Stampede! It will be held Saturday, September 13, 2014 at 10 am at The Triangle.

The Stiletto Stampede is a 100-yard high heel dash that seeks to encourage and empower women and men under the age of 40 to become knowledgeable about breast cancer and breast health. This unique event is designed to help audiences understand the risks of breast cancer while also informing and educating them. The Austin Stiletto Stampede is now in its sixth year and the event continues to grow and expand each year!

Several different event heats make up each 100-Yard Dash including:

  • The Stiletto Stampede The original 100-yard dash in heels.
  • The Survivor Stampede Honoring all breast cancer survivors.
  • The Pooch Scooch Support the cause with man’s best friend. And win prizes for best in show!
  • The Stroller Stampede Get the whole family together!
  • The Men’s Heat Just like it sounds–Men support the cause. (Heels encouraged!)
  • The Boot Scoot A new twist on the Stiletto Stampede – perfect for kids!

The Austin Stiletto Stampede benefits equipment and construction needs of the Seton Breast Care Center and Boob Camp, a collection of free breast cancer wellness programs designed to help facilitate the physical, social and emotional aspects of breast cancer recovery in the Austin community.

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