ATX Uncensored-ish Live: Television Taping at Cap City, Tuesday, February 23rd

The CW’s late-night TV show, ATX Uncensored-ish, wants you to be a part of a television taping at Cap City Tuesday, February 23rd at 8 p.m.

The line-up for ATX Uncensored-ish LIVE is awesome! Bob Khosravi, Mike MacRae, Sara June, Pat Dean, Andrew Dismukes, Martha Kelly, Raul Sanchez, Chip Pope, Brian Gaar, and Kath Barbadoro have all agreed to put their faces on television, but they need you to cheer them on.

We’re recording the show and will air clips every night on The CW Austin (and Saturday nights on NBC).  So come out, support your favorite ATX comedians, and maybe get your face on TV, too!

You can buy your tickets here! 

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