Meet The Austin CW Entertainment Reporter, Joe Barlow!

Joe Barlow, The CW Austin Entertainment Reporter, covers all things Austin including celebrity interviews, interactive updates, and popular trends. As the face and voice of The CW Austin Joe will provide unique entertainment coverage on local events, red carpets and festivals. Joe’s Entertainment News Segments will air on KXAN News on The CW Austin at 9pm Monday, Wednesday & Fridays.


When Joe Barlow was a kid he wanted to be a cartoon character. Not a voice actor. An actual cartoon character. He thought it would be cool to have pianos and anvils dropped on his head. But Joe learned a few years back it’s impossible to physically become a cartoon character so he chose a different TV path. He majored in Broadcast News and Rhetoric at Drake University and while there was nominated for a hosting Emmy Award. He spent 4 years on a lifestyle/entertainment show in his home state of Illinois and finally came to Austin as a correspondent for The CW Austin.

Joe loves the city and the food and is always open to new suggestions! (His favorite place is North Loop.) In his free time, Joe likes classic movies and thinking about working out (but not doing that.) You can see Joe as entertainment reporter during KXAN News on The CW Austin, online and in person!


TWITTER: @mrjoebarlow


Watch Joe in action below!

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