August 1st National Girlfriend Day (Supernatural Edition)

Its August 1st, and of course its another some-what National Holiday! Happy Girlfriend Day!

So we thought at the CW we should celebrate, by recognizing memorable girlfriends that at one point occupied our favorite demon hunter’s hearts!

The first, and possibly every fan favorite, Dean and Jo Harvelle.

The relationship that almost was, but never came true. Jo a fellow hunter, had a playful on and off flirtation with Dean, and had every Supernatural fan crossing their fingers these two would end up happily ever after, but all ended up in disappointment, with watery eyes, as this dream of marital bliss came to an end, with Jo’s tragic death in season 5.



Another tragic, and emotionally wild relationship; Sam and Ruby

Ruby was the demon beauty fans loved to hate, but secretly just loved, in all her sarcastic glory. Ruby is brought into the picture, by swooping in and saving Sam’s life from an ambush of demons (just a casual day in the life of a Winchester) through out their odd relationship, fans always could feed off their attraction, despite no actual physical action between the two. Their relationship took a steamy turn, once Dean took a temporary residence in Hell, and Sam lost all will to live, giving Ruby the foot in the door.

But as usual, this romantic story ends in tragedy, once it is discovered all along Ruby had no plans of matrimony with our beloved younger Winchester, but was using him as a pawn in her evil demonic plans all along. Ending her time by being put down by the brothers once and for all.


These boys just can not catch a break with the ladies!

Don’t forget to catch Supernatural Season 12 premiering on the CW October 13th!


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