Mayor Adler talks music, learns to two-step

AUSTIN (The CW Austin) — Austin is said to be the “Live Music Capital of the World” and Austin Mayor Steve Adler wants it to stay that way.

“I chose to stay here, in part, because of the music,” says Adler.

The CW Austin Entertainment Reporter, Joe Barlow sat down with the mayor at Broken Spoke to chat about live music in Austin and how the city plans to help.

Right now the city is reviewing dozens of ideas. Mayor Adler says housing is getting too expensive and driving artists out of Austin. So far, one proposal includes a fund to pay for affordable housing. Earlier this year, a series of public meetings were held, to allow the community to give input.

Adler introduced the Austin Music & Creative Ecosystem Omnibus Resolution to help deal with the problem.

“The resolution is designed to help build the music and the art ecosystem so that we can preserve it,” said Adler. “Its about using the tools that the city has, or can develop, to make sure the artist can live in the city.”

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