‘Hell or High Water’ cast talks about love

AUSTIN (KXAN/KNVA) —  A contemporary western set in West Texas opens today.

Ben Foster and Chris Pine play brothers and outlaws and in hot pursuit is a duo of Texas Rangers, played by Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham.

“Hell or High Water” is rated R, is a Robin Hood story where they are stealing from Texas Midland’s bank to pay back the very same bank.

The film is commentary on modern banking but also address male relationships.

“Men are men, and are complex beings.” said director, David Mackenzie. “There are quite a few silences. Where they are expressing things through silence as much as they are through text.”

“We don’t have too much time,” said Bridges. “We better express the love that we got as quickly as possible man, and as best we can. Cause it can be over in a second.”

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