Jack Ingram likes making listeners ‘uncomfortable’

AUSTIN (KXAN/KNVA) —  After seven years, Jack Ingram is releasing a new album.

“Mainstream listeners may not be able to attach to this.” Jack said. “I mean it’s just about my real life and I’ve noticed for a while that when people talk about very real things it either attracts someone greatly or repels them because they don’t want to talk about it or it makes them nervous or uncomfortable.”

The album called “Midnight Motel” comes out Friday.

Ingram has been an Austin local for 12 years.

“I tell people the difference between Austin and Dallas or Houston is you can get a bank loan here by saying you’re a musician.”

And while Ingram’s been to the top of the charts, he’s glad to make an album his way.

“My favorite part of being an artist is making people uncomfortable or making people feel like they finally found a home.”

Check out the new album by clicking here.

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