Austin area teen making music dreams come true

AUSTIN (KXAN/KNVA) — Madison McWilliams is just 14 years old, but she’s known what she’s wanted to be for years: a singer. Her cover of Nina Simone song, ‘Feeling Good,’  has about 700,000 views on Facebook.

“I want to inspire people and make them feel good,” McWilliams said.

The CW Austin Entertainment Reporter Joe Barlow hung out with McWilliams at one of her favorite local places, the soda shop- Naus Enfield Drug. They talked about emojis and she taught him a little bit about what is “cool” right now.

“The fire emoji means good, or… fire, or it is ‘lit,” McWilliams said.

McWilliams’ new music video comes out Sept., 16.

Learn more about Madison McWilliams’ music here. 

Check out her YouTube channel here.

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