New thriller set at the Texas/Mexico border debuts

AUSTIN (KXAN/KNVA) — A film set in Texas, made by a Texan, and an award winner at South By Southwest is finally out today.

‘Transpecos’ revolves around something that’s been getting a lot of attention recently: our borders and the people who guard them.

“The fact that people responded to the film, and that it’s had some success on the festival circuit and critics’ eyes and along with audiences means a lot, sure, says director and co-writer, Greg Kwedar. “But, I think for me, what the real value has been and the thing I’ll hold onto and the thing I’ll remember is the journey of making the film.”

The film is about a day in the life of border agents, but the day just happens to be the one where everything seems to be turned upside down.

“When I was at school at A&M, a group of college students and I started taking trips down to Mexico down to the border. And we would work in communities doing humanitarian work. I really got a first-hand look at the border conflict. This kind of cycle, this endless cycle that tears families apart.”

Because of Donald Trump’s strong stance on border security, CW Austin Entertainment reporter, Joe Barlow asked what Greg imagined Trump’s response would be.

“I would be terrified that he would, like, twist it and use it for his own agenda. But, you know, we really worked very hard to not explicitly state a political message through our film.”

The film is now playing in Austin at Alamo Drafthouse – South Lamar and the Violet Crown Theater.

It’s also showing in Dallas, San Antonio, and Laredo.

You can also watch on iTunes.

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