Blues musician Jackie Venson talks her musical past and Austin presence

AUSTIN (KXAN/KNVA) – To go from a classically trained pianists to a electric guitarist and blues singer is not the typical path of most musicians but that is exactly what local Austin musician Jackie Venson did.

Jackie began playing piano at the age of 8 and after years of playing and training it eventually began to feel what she described as “stale.” Jackie, a graduate from Berklee College Music, said she made the transition to blues after she was,”…listening to Pandora or something in my dorm room and I heard someone playing blues on the electric guitar and I was like ‘that’s an idea.'”

Since then Jackie has made a name for herself in the Austin music scene, wowing audiences with her electric guitar skills and soulful blues voice.

Here latest album ‘Jackie Venson – Live at Strange Brew’ will be released at Antone’s on Sunday, September 18th at 6:00 p.m.

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