Wild Child’s “pillow talk” interview at ACL

AUSTIN (KXAN/KNVA)- Austin City Limits Music Festival has special meaning for local musicians.

“Usually it means that you want to get out of Austin cause all the people are coming here,” jokes Kelsey Wilson of the band “Wild Child”.

Kelsey is on violin and vocals, Alexander Beggins is on ukulele and vocals, Evan Magers on keyboards, and Sadie Wolfe on cello.

They all met with Joe Barlow for a lie down interview (because their first album is called Pillow Talk.)

“As far as festivals are concerned,” says Wilson, “It’s definitely one of our favorites cause you figure out the layout and how to sneak in when you’re a little kid and how to smoke and not get caught.”

This is just one stop on their tour.

Find more information about their tour and their music by clicking here.

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