Change Is Coming To National City


We are officially two episodes in to the new season of Supergirl, on it’s new home The CW!

But so much has changed in Kara’s life already! The wise and unconventional leader, Cat of CatCo is leaving. Supergirl’s Man of Steel cousin is flying his way back to Metropolis, and James, Kara’s 5 minute flame, is now her boss!

The rumor reel is running around saying that Clark Kent himself (played by Tyler Hoechlin) will be getting a spin off. I don’t think anyone would be against this brilliant idea, the more DC heroes the better!

Now that rumor can not be confirmed just yet, but what can be confirmed is, James has some secrets up his sleeve and is tired of sitting back and taking amazing Pulitzer Prize photos, and is ready to jump into the action!


We can not wait to see what his powers will be!

Until then, make sure to tune into The CW every Monday night at 7 to catch all the butt kicking these superheros have to offer!

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