Mini Supergirl is the newest internet hero

AUSTIN (KXAN/KNVA)- Kaylieann, a 3-year-old superhero fanatic, is a enormous fan of all superheroes- The Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, Thor, Spiderman, but her all time favorite is Superman.

On Oct. 18, Kaylieann’s father, Austin Steinbach, posted a photo of his daughter on Reddit showing Kaylieann in her school picture all dolled up and dressed as Supergirl and accompanied by her Superman doll.

Steinback mentioned that his daughter Kaylieann is 75% deaf in each ear but doesn’t let that stop her from being an everyday superhero. Steinbach said. “She takes pride in dressing up as superheroes because she knows she is a superhero herself. ”

Steinbach said he couldn’t say no when his 3-year-old daughter, Kaylieann, dressed herself on school picture day.

The photo has now gone viral and Kaylieann is the newest internet hero.



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