Laughing can pay the bills

AUSTIN (KXAN/KNVA) — Austin’s stand-up comedians are coming together for one of their own.

Lashonda Lester is having a great year in comedy but a harder year in her personal life.

She is officially the current Funniest Person in Austin (crowned in a contest by Cap City Comedy) but she’s also had medical bills pile up.

“I have chronic kidney disease which results in me having just kidney failure due to high blood pressure.” says Lashonda. “So yeah it’s been pretty rough. I go to dialysis four times a week. So it’s just been a little overwhelming and it’s real, you know, I don’t have any family here. And my comedy family, you know, they’re definitely looking out for me. So I appreciate that.”

You may know Matt Bearden’s smooth vocals from KLBJ (he’s the “with Matt” on The Dudley and Bob with Matt Show) but he also runs a live stand-up show called Punch.

“For five years we ran this really fun, awesome stand up show called Punch,” says Matt. “And it got a national reputation and big acts that you have seen on television started coming down to perform. And then lesser known acts started getting bigger and then getting on television. And it’s just really- it’s a fun, fantastic show.”

It was comedian Chris Cubas’ idea to make have a fundraiser.

“I would say Lashonda is one of the hardest working comics in this town,” says Chris. “She was consistently going up and being the funniest person on the shows, but then still like kind of being a little too under the radar. I think when she won the contest this year, I think -people were a little surprised. I was like, “no, I’ve been telling y’all for six-seven years that she’s funny, like one of the funniest people in this whole city.” People have finally been recognizing what I’ve been saying, and I want to make this whole interview about me.”

You can see the show tomorrow (October 25) at 8p at Cap City Comedy Club

Click here to purchase tickets.

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