Please, let me be a Cubs fan

The following is an essay by CW Austin Entertainment Reporter, Joe Barlow.

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If you know me, then you know I don’t care about sports.
Even though I’m on a sports show.
The sport that I care about the least is baseball.
9 innings? Who decided that was a number that made sense?
And growing up in Chicagoland, baseball was the sport that divided the city.
North vs south. Cubs vs White Sox.
I was a neutral party related to a dad and brother that were firmly on the cubs side. So I cheered for the blue and red.
Even attended games at Wrigley Field.
I was concerned with how many hot dogs I could eat much more than I was concerned with who was on what base.
The most exciting thing that happened at a Cubs game I attended was a pigeon pooped on my shoulder.
So I wouldn’t exactly say I’m a fan.
But despite these facts, I am endorsing the Chicago Cubs in the World Series.
Some will say you can’t do that. You’re just a fair-weather fan.
They are wrong. I am entitled to support the Chicago Cubs. And here’s why.
First, I’m the proud owner of a Cubs baseball hat.
Have been for years.
But I can’t wear it in public. Why? Because people in grocery store checkouts assume that I follow baseball and then have conversations with me about the team.
I don’t want to have conversations about baseball I want sun protection and I’m from Illinois.
This is the hat the makes sense.
But if the Cubs win, the hat isn’t as much of a statement. Everyone will have one. And I can read people magazine in peace.
Second reason I can root root root for the Cubbies: the mental health of the Chicagoland area.
Imagine starting every baseball season of your entire life by saying, “The Cubs are going all the way this year.”
Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”
By that definition, Cubs fans are insane. Let’s cure them with a Cubs win.
The final reason why I support the Cubs is the reason we should all be supporting the Cubs. It is American.
America was built by underdogs.
We didn’t have the trained British armies in the revolution.
We had American grit, and a desire for something greater.
This team of red white and blue, represents an infant america. A babe trying to find its way in this world. And when the Cubs win this year, we will all truly be free.
God bless America. God bless the Chicago Cubs.

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