All the Feels: A message of hope from local actor Jaston Williams

AUSTIN (KXAN/KNVA) — If you’ve heard of ‘Greater Tuna’ you know actor Jaston Williams. Williams is the co-creator and star of the Greater Tuna Series.  If you haven’t heard of ‘Greater Tuna’ maybe you’ve heard of The Christmas Carol? Williams is currently starring in the Zach Theater’s rendition as Scrooge.

The CW Austin Entertainment reporter Joe Barlow recently talked to Williams about some of his newest projects. They discussed ‘Greater Tuna,’ living in Texas, and gun control.

“There is so much going on in the world right now, a lot of people are having a tough time,” Williams told us. “But it occurred to me; we have a lot more in common than we think we do.”

In the video clip above, Williams describes a trip he took that turned into an eye-opening experience for him. We would like to share his message of hope, with you.


We read hundreds of Facebook comments, tweets and take phone calls from so many of you in the community. We know how you feel.

Lately, things seem a little dark.

A little hopeless.

We get it. Just looking at our news site KXAN.COM will give you the proof that things are terrible these days. There are pages of stories about murders, abuse, fires and political discord.

But if you just look a little closer, you’ll see it. The good stuff.

But if you just a look a little closer, you’ll see it. The good stuff.

There are millennials helping millennials, like this group of high schoolers who raised money to buy their classmate a new pair of shoes.

There is the Jeopardy champion/terminal cancer patient who used her final bit of strength to inspire us all.

And there were hundreds of you who pitched in to help Tiny Tim. Tiny Tim is just a dog in need of a life saving surgery that will help him walk again. When Austin Pets Alive asked for donations, you stepped up. He has the money he needs, plus some.

Each of these stories was posted over the course of just three days.

Maybe you’ll be the Good Samaritan featured in our next story about positive news. It is our hope, anyways, that we will continue to have more and more inspiring stories to share with you.


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It’s also thanks to Joe Barlow, a man that likes to move it move it.

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