Chocolate from South Dakota shop in swag bag at Grammy Awards


DEADWOOD, S.D. (KELO) – Valentine’s Day makes February an extra busy month for those in the chocolate business but one shop in South Dakota is busy for a different reason.

Mary “Chip” Tautkus owns Chubby Chipmunk in Deadwood.

chubby chipmunk

Chocolate from her shop will be included in this year’s swag bags at the Grammy Awards after winning a competition.

“It was a competition, for a wedding truffle, and we put in the butter cream, and it won, and the next thing I know, I’m getting a notice and a request to sample our chocolates from Hollywood,” Tautkus recalled.

She continued, “They called and said we’d love to have you in the Grammy’s and I went ‘Yay, this is cool, I like this!'”

Grammy nominees will receive two Fortunato Number 4 bars in their bags.

“It is a rare chocolate. It is considered the rarest chocolate in the world because it was thought to be extinct for 100 years,” Tautkus explained.

It’s so rare, Tautkus made a trip to Peru for the specialty.

“I actually got to harvest it, and you are pulling each pod down individually,” she said.

“Who will actually bite into this chocolate?” she wondered, adding, “It’s going to be exciting to see what happens afterward, but in the meanwhile our business is really cranked up.”

The 59th Annual Grammy Awards air Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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