Cindie’s Scavenger Hunt

Join Joe and Kath as they are on the hunt for some down and dirty funnnnnnn at Cindie’s!


ATX Uncensored(ish) Tuesday 2/9

On Tuesday’s ATX Uncensored(ish) we talk to some awesome comics from the Green Room of Cap City Comedy. Sabel Scities talks to us about her …


Rain Report: Embarassing Bar Stories

Our Rain correspondent Sabel Scities investigates: People of Rain, what are your most embarrassing bar stories?   Sponsored by Rain. Opinion…


The Perfect Man Body

the perfect man body and how it’s changed over a series of 150 years!


Daniel Webb at Cap City Comedy

Daniel Webb on “Scary Carry” and why he shouldn’t hold a gun. “We got open carry. We got it! More like, open scary. Am I right? I love gun c…


ATX Uncensored(ish) Thursday 2/4

Ben & Jerry’s is making Vegan ice cream, Feral hogs have invaded Round Rock, and how does someone steal $20,000 worth of gas?


Tuesday’s Episode 2/2

The ATX Uncensored-ish crew talks about the Iowa caucus’s, how important ground hog day is, with a Rain Report and a Cap-City kiss cam. Chec…