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At The Cap: Rob Gagnon

Rob does impressions of a Gay Rodney Dangerfield, and Jerry Seinfeld with alzheimers!

At The Cap: JR Brow

German accents are funny in and of themselves, are they not??

At The Cap: Kent Juliff

Who would want last years sickness when they can have THIS year’s sickness!

At The Cap: Adam Yenser

How do you scare away hiccups on a baby that’s in your tummy? Adam has your answer.

At The Cap: Bryan Gutmann

We have too many rules! We can’t abid by them all! We all just wanna be a sloth every once in a while.

At The Cap: Ralphie Hardesty

Ralphie joined us for our Cap city show back in March! Don’t forget to buy tickets for our upcoming show at Cap on May 31st! go to Capcityco…