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Facebook Trending Topic Jeopardy

Comedians Lisa Friedrich and Micheal Foulk play Facebook Trending Topic Jeopardy with Kath. This game was invented by Bobby Finger and Linds…

Cap City Green Room: First Jokes

We talk to comedians Chip Pope, Pat Dean, Sara June, and Mike MacRae about the first joke they wrote.   This segment was sponsored by Capito…

Help Kath Tinder!

Kath sucks at dating and hopes random strangers can help make life decisions for her.

SXSW Celebrity Sightings

Celebrity Correspondent Kath Barbadoro walks the star studded streets of SXSW Austin.

Rain Report: Embarassing Bar Stories

Our Rain correspondent Sabel Scities investigates: People of Rain, what are your most embarrassing bar stories?   Sponsored by Rain. Opinion…

ATX Uncensored(ish) Thursday 2/4

Ben & Jerry’s is making Vegan ice cream, Feral hogs have invaded Round Rock, and how does someone steal $20,000 worth of gas?

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