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Friday’s Episode 12/4/2015

Hipster Santa. City Council Fedora Watch. Krampus. And car decorating advice with Christmas Lights!


There’s A Hipster Santa in Portland

Of course… of course there is a Hipster Santa in Portland. And, he’s got a man-bun. Watch the clip above if you’ve ever wanted to see what i…


Thursday’s Episode 12/3/2015

Comedian Alingon Mitra hangs out with the crew. Senator Ted Cruz is extra awkward (and has a sassy mom).  Austin creates a new “fun run” and…


Wednesday’s Episode 12/2/2015

We spread rumors about the new iPhone. Ted Cruz talks about his condom use. We celebrate the Holidays with some grumpy Austinites.

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Tuesday 12/1/2015 Episode

There’s a group of crazy kids at UT who are being racists. We check in with Gov. Abbott. And it’s Tuesday- so that means we’re going to Rain…