brian Wednesday Pointing

Last Night- Bernie is pissed, always.

The Democratic Debate is #kindacool… Bernie Sanders is always angry… Donald Trump tweets with Jazz hands…I-35 is a scary, scary place… and w…

i luv video

Find That Movie: Brian’s virginity

We love I Luv Video. So today we’re playing “Find That Movie” at their store. The movie we are looking for? The movie Brian lost his virgini…



We’re talking about the “strap-in” protest at UT campus.

rain be a queen

Learning the art of being a queen

In this week’s Rain Report- we are learning the art of being a queen. Kath Barbadoro and Joe Barlow learn three important tips from Sabel Sc…

platinum ink photo

Platinum Ink: Poking fun at the crew

We all screw up sometimes… Sponsored by Platinum Ink. Opinions expressed by guests on this program are solely those of the guests and are no…