Rain Report

Rain Report: What to bring to the gay bar

She says you leave your dignity and shame at Rain on 4th, but now Sabel Scities tells us what should you bring. We’re your ambassadors of 4t…

text books

Texas: The land of dumb textbooks

Here’s the thing about Texas — we do a lot of great things, but we also produce the dumbest textbooks imaginable.

longhorns and twitter

LoL. Longhorns suck. #frownyface

Ever wonder why the Longhorns are terrible? Here’s a hint — they spend a lot of time fighting each other on Twitter.

Danny Palumbo

Comedian Danny Palumbo on besties

Check out the video featuring Danny Palumbo above, and what else is going on at the Spider House below: Music Listings in Bold 10/6- Tuesday…