fun fun fun fest band names

The Worst Band Names of Fun Fun Fun Fest

Will it be frontrunner Sailor Poon or underdog Pure Bathing Culture? Who’s got the worst band name at Fun Fun Fun Fest this year? Kath holds…

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Stabbed guy is badass

So this guy gets stabbed at an Austin gas station. News reporters go to the scene. And the guy who got stabbed shows BACK UP at the scene of…

cat cafe

11/5/2015 Thursday’s Show

To sum up this episode: We FINALLY visit the new Cat Cafe. We create some ATX emoji suggestions. And discuss why kids these days will never …


Duncan Carson from Spider House Ballroom

Sponsored by Spider House Ballroom. Opinions expressed by guests on this program are solely those of the guest(s) and are not endorsed by th…

brian gaar host

11/4/2015 Wednesday’s Show

Things we learned: Autumn in Texas fucking sucks. The worst human on the earth is an Irish-American Vegan. And Texas is literally stealing c…

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11/3/2015 Tuesday’s Show

Election day is here, and no one seems to care. A machete match gets cutty. And we head to our favorite 4th street bar.

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Monday 11/2/2015 Show

Break Room Comedy with David Koechner, the GOP candidates won’t let go of last weeks debate, and Brian was a big bird for Halloween.