sonata stories

Stories from the Sonata: Master Pancake

We love Master Pancake! Check them out October 23 & 24- They mock The Sound of Music with special guest: Mary Jo Pehl of Mystery Science The…


WATCH: Wednesday’s Show

Kath Barbadoro and Joe Barlow try to buy famous friends. We smoke bacon flavored vape. And Kittens! Kittens! Kittens! Almost everyone loves …

good detective work

How to be a crappy detective

A guy in Round Rock lost his championship rings — but the cops were on the case. Eventually.

band nerds

The best story ever

Ever get mad at a high school band? This story is for you.

name that vape

Let’s play: Name that Vape!

Who knew there were so many vape flavors to pick from!? Thanks KBotanicals! Sponsored by KBotanicals. Opinions expressed by guests on this p…